Wake Up America – Learn the Law of the Land

On paper America was supposed to be different. Rather than having a tyrant at the helm, the first two Organic Laws secured American’s freedom and installed a limited government.

But are you witnessing the actions of a government that believes it is limited or one that believes it has unlimited power?

Governments are expected to provide safety and in many people’s eyes governments are deemed a necessary evil to ward off predators. However, since the majority of people know so little about the laws that govern government, it is the perfect place for predators hide and operate.

Watch the news for a week. How many stories will you hear about corrupt politicians?

Many are now crying out… “Wake Up America”! Rightly so…America’s great freedom experiment is destined to be derailed…if people don’t quickly learn the law of the land as set out in all four Organic Laws of the United States of America.

Currently, the Organic Laws Institute is the only source for an in-depth look at all four Organic Laws. We have gotten so far away from our legal roots that even the legislators say they don’t have time to read the laws they are enacting. But in reality, it’s not difficult to learn and understand the law, when you get rid of all the subterfuge.

The longer you wait the worst things will get. Right now, we have way too many misguided people offering solutions without knowledge of the law.
If you know this makes total sense don’t delay. Get started today and learn the laws of the United States of America,  click here.

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