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 Dr. Eduardo Rivera

Author of “The Work”


Many have expreOrganic Laws Institute, Founderssed their curiosity as to what would lead me   to turn my back on a successful law practice after 30 years, and to instead immerse myself in the discoveries of the truth about our laws and government.  The one sentence answer to that follows.  It was as though pieces of a puzzle were coming together through the years, showing a picture that revealed something that nobody else had discovered,  and I had the obligation to teach what I knew to be true.

Here is a shortened version of the life that produced “The Work,” and uncovered the secrets of the Organic Laws and the way to self-government.

No less than 1/3 of a century has passed since I attended his class at UCLA Law School.  I listened, captivated by his booming voice of authority as he expounded on the issues of taxation.

It was Professor Ralph S. Rice on his first day of class in ’Federal Income Tax, Estate, and Gift Tax’ that so had my attention. “The Sixteenth Amendment gives Congress the power to tax income”. He then asked, “What is income?” No one responded. He went on, even louder, punching the air with a pointed finger while holding a copy of the Internal Revenue Code in his other hand.

“Sect. 61. Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, gross income means all income from whatever source derived”, he exclaimed.

Professor Rice was a little guy, just 5’3″, but he could have been Moses reading the Ten Commandments. With his background in law school during the depression he had become quite renowned in taxation. UCLA Law School claimed to be among the top ten law schools in the nation, so I thought they knew what they were teaching.

After law school, I went on to practice general law for 34 years. During the peek of my career, I oversaw 4 offices in the Los Angeles area.  That experience allowed me to see that there were gaping holes in the legal  and governmental systems, but I didn’t recognize what they were.

Since then, it has taken me decades, but I finally came to realize where the problems started, and how they grew into the mess we have today.  I am now able to present a solution to all the problems caused by an unlimited government and its written law.  That solution is found in what we call “The Work,”, which is all the important Posts previously on my old website, edrivera.com.


I was born in Cochise County, Arizona about three miles from the Mexican border in an adobe house my father built, which might explain my down to earth approach to teaching law and government.

My family, which consisted of my mother and father and an older brother  left the adobe house where I was born for Los Angeles when I was almost a year old.  We lived in Huntington Park for a time until my parents bought a house in Compton on Piru Street it was a small farm, houses and vacant lots where we would play.  A vacant lot, owned by friends, adjoined our house where mother grew flowers and vegetables.

I had no trouble growing up in Compton among friendly neighbors and vacant lots where we could pretend to be soldiers flinging grass grenades that we pulled from the damp earth.

Interest in Government at early age

During my high school years, my obsession with the workings of government was so focused that I was recognized as the expert in things governmental.

In 1960 I joined the 309th Army Security Agency, then a part of Army Intelligence.    After basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, I attended “Traffic Analysis School” at Fort Devens, Massachusetts where I learned elementary code breaking during this twelve week course.

Eventually, my  interest in government led to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government: Public Service in 1968 from the California State University at Los Angeles.

Shortly after I graduated from CSULA, I entered  UCLA Law School, which I completed with a Juris Doctor degree in 1971.  I passed the State of California Bar Examination and became a member.

I firmly believe every life experience I have recounted here facilitated the unraveling of the secrets.  I am recounting these experiences so you will understand how unlikely that, I from among all the hundreds of thousands of attorneys who have studied American law, would be able to discover the secrets of the Organic Laws.

The proof of my discoveries will rest in my ability to teach you the secrets of the Organic Laws.   In the coming months and years  all the secrets of the Organic Laws of the United States of America will be revealed to you as subscribers to www.OrganicLaws.org