Student Testimonials

Hi Ed,

Great News!!! the case was dismissed!

I just found out by a postcard from the clerk dated 9/01/15 –

It is a win for everyone.

You were very much part of it.  Thanks for your help,



Rivera’s Education Worth EVERY Penny

Recently I was deposed by an EXPERT attorney for a VERY BIG company.  I won’t tell you the subject matter but let’s set the scene:

  • 4 attorney’s for one side.
  • Two attorneys for the other side tossing questions at me under oath; said attorneys representing one of the biggest corporations.
  • A court reporter and several other’s in attendance.
  • All at a big conference table
  • At a very prestigious law firm in a major city.

Note: These aren’t the bottom-feeder attorney’s—these guys are top pay-scale guys….places like Yale, Harvard, Stanford grad’s.

Now that we have the scene, I will cut to the chase for at one time they tried to discredit me on a topic that was tied to US CITIZEN. [I won’t mention the topic but you can guess.]

Attorney for Big Corporation [Mr. BC]: Well Mr. RS, are you a US CITIZEN?

Me [Mr. RS]: Well the term is described at law in several places with different meanings but I seriously doubt that anyone in this room would claim to be a US CITIZEN if they knew the truth. I couldn’t prove I was a US CITIZEN and I challenge any attorney in this room to actually prove they are a US CITIZEN. Any takers??? [Dead silence….hear a pin drop….] In actuality all you can do is state the truth and should only state what you can prove. I can’t prove my birth—it’s impossible. The truth and what I can prove is I am simply in possession of a birth certificate that indicates I was born in California.

[At this point again the room went dead silent. It was as if God had spoken wisdom directly into their ears… then several attorney’s started nodding their heads in approval….]

Attorney for Other Side: Well….I guess that wraps-up that topic…in MORE than completion!! Off the record….Mr. RS, before you catch your flight, you will find that Mr. BC would like to talk to you on this topic over a couple of beers if you have some time…but its beyond the scope of this matter today.

FOLKS: I could NOT have done this WITHOUT Ed. Look at the power of what Ed told me one time: “In actuality all you can do is state the truth and should only state what you can prove.” You will not learn anything from Ed without personal work—but he makes everything available to you so that you can learn as I did. No-where else will you get this kind of education; it’s a closely held and guarded secret. But Ed is willing to REVEAL all this and more for you.

Mr. RS



Somebody sent me a link to one of your talks on YouTube. It brought back fond, fond memories, Ed. You were my first and best teacher and I credit you a great deal with the freedom I enjoy today. You held my hand when I was a very frightened newbie, and you taught me so much about the REAL issues in play today.

Ed, again I want to thank you so much for your courage, insight, and teacher’s heart. You’re a national treasure. – David Z.


Dr. Rivera:

Just finished a second reading of your treatise COLORING the CONSTITUTION. This was the most profound revelation of the Constitution of the United States, or whatever it is called, that I have experienced in my life to date.

Looking forward to more enlightenment. – JLR


Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera

I have read the Organic Laws and the George Washington attachments. Most interesting how you teach one to connect the dots. I am on my third read though. Yesterday went to the Law Library to look at 1 Stat 1…concerning Oaths….amazing that it was so important to be the first Statute written by Congress.

It was also interesting to me that your instruction started with George Washington. I began my journey to look at history and law in 1992 at the Boston Main Library. I chose to research George Washington back then, along with the Presidents under the Articles of Confederation. I spent three or four days reading some of the oldest books I had ever touched. My problem was that what I was reading was making me feel like a heretic, I could not digest what I was reading as it did not fit with my school history lessons. Since then starting in 2003 I was doing research on symbols in Church and Government and old George keep popping up, he was not the man we think he was for sure. So, to have your law history instruction begin with exposing George for what he was and continues to be, is more than interesting. Someday I hope to have the chance to share with you what I have discovered about George, just by observation and connecting a few dots…

Your material was/is very insightful, I would have never been able to put all that together even with a million hours in the Law Library, and I am only on the first attachment

I do not really know the program here as far a when things are sent. Please let me know, I am a very hungry student.

Thanks for making this information available. – GH



I have been messing around in this Government business quagmire since 1996 and boy do I wish I had met you at that time but now is now, I really can’t look back except for the learning it has provided and of course “the memories”.

I grew up in the friendship of many lawyer friends who to this day are my old friends but only because I grew up with them and there still exists, a brotherly love. It is funny how I have been called to love those in my world, and I try. I didn’t in my younger years feel worthy of working in the law profession. I felt called to the “thing making” production profession, but I was always called to truth. “Thing making” hopefully, will make a comeback in the states, however I have moved on from that profession. So in the motivation of truth here I am learning the side of law not from lies, but of truth. I am honored to be your student! – Mike


Fantastic job, really cool, wow ! what can I say, stunning !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you. – David T.


For the WORLD of TRUTH you have shown me and for your inspiration and kindness, I could never repay you. – Dave



In a funny, but serious way you just might be the World’s Greatest Legal Genius that you say you are! I consider myself an athlete. I’m somewhat old now but I still think like an athlete. Your fundamentals that you are teaching the world in my opinion are like the John Wooden of Yesteryear.

I always hated to love Coach Wooden, one of the greatest coaches ever, if not the greatest. I knew Coach Wooden was arguably the best Fundamental coach in the history of College basketball. I played basketball for one year at Marquette University coached by Al McGuire, a great coach in his own right, and his long time assistant Hank Raymonds. Hank Raymonds was the best Fundamental coach I have experienced, but that was basketball.

My father, Joseph Staudacher was a Professor Emeritus of Communication at Marquette University. Dad wrote a book titled, The Fundamentals of Speech, and in his profession he knew the importance of fundamentals in the art of communication. This is why I appreciate your attitude and teaching. If one doesn’t get the fundamentals it is impossible to see the forest from the trees. I always felt in my heart there was something wrong with our system of government. I am now learning, ever so late, but at least learning.

….. Ed, your spirit and desire to share with the world all that you have learned is to me a New State of Reformation of Law and Government in the making. Thanks for your knowledge that you have been willing to share. – Mike



What you have provided is the truth; an amazing accomplishment in this day and age.

This is for all your students and comes from the heart. I know that we are all dealing with negative issues and they permeate our existence, however, with the information you have provided us we can turn the negative into a positive. We are well aware of the negative aspects of the controllers and must turn our attention to the positive; in doing so we can change our thoughts. What we perceive is what we achieve. We must not dwell in the negative aspects and concentrate on the positive turning our thoughts to that which we are to accomplish now!

Many of us search out information seeking answers, we spend hours looking for truth, the truth is at hand and the search is over. Stop dealing with the nonsense on the television, (we have been without tv for over 6 months) cancel the newspapers, forget the radio, go into the minds eye see the truth, feel the truth, know the truth from within yourselves. Think only of the truth, know you are on the right path, feel it with your heart and soul.

We are on the threshold of a new sense of peace and joy; it’s only a thought away. Keep all your thoughts positive, nurture and feel, really feel the joy and wonder of your own ability to control your thoughts. When you are in control of your own thoughts no one else can penetrate your mind.

God Bless you Ed, He has blessed us with you. – Ken


Dear Dr Rivera,

Its amazing to me what I am learning from you. The money I spent was cheap,
compared to the value.

Even these little communiques that you send out instruct me, or brings out
and clarifies something that just didn’t quite stick. I just want to thank
you for continuing your own education, and then passing it on. It is
unlikely any of us appreciates it quite enough.