Basic Course Description

As a Student you will learn:

  • the law, plus be able to prove it.
  • the important difference between unwritten law and written law
  • that written law is bound to territory
  • that written law cannot exceed the territory to which it is bound
  • how to prove the territorial jurisdiction of the United States
  • how to distinguish the different types of citizens of the United States
  • what it means for an individual to be unalienable
When you sign up for the Basic Course in Law and Government you will get:
  • 10 Lessons to assist you in becoming a legal scholar
  • Access to “The Work” (over 700 blogs posts)
  • Direct email access to Ed (limited)
  • Occasional phone calls
  • Access to the student forum where you can post your questions and learn from each others experiences. This is an interactive approach to discovering solutions, and at times Dr. Rivera participates.

You can obtain legal education as a student for just $650.00. Imagine getting a legal education that goes way beyond what the schools teach.


If you are not ready to take that leap, then start as a subscriber/member for $100/yr. and upgrade later. This gives you access to over 700 posts and easy search tools.  Your member/subscriber fee can go towards the student level cost.

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