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I.  The book, (see description What Happened to Justice), was co-authored by Ed Rivera and Chris Hanson.  As co-authors, both have rights to sell the book, and an obligation to get it out to as many people as possible.  It is finally being made available on this site. It is available in 2 formats and a comparison between the two provides details. Click here.

  1. Electronic Book
  2. CD-Rom, electronically searchable, with three companion Evidence Books and many other useful court reference materials.

II. Special offers

  1. Introduction, Lesson’s and Corrections to “This Constitution”  ($75) An unbeatable deal, especially to the beginning learner. It includes Basic Course Lesson I, copies of Constitution with Dr. Rivera’s comments, and instructions on how to find the secrets contained within. Have your colored markers ready to mark up the Constitution. 
  2.  A Literal Analysis of Article I of the Constitution of September 17, 1787 Secret Constitution Revealed ($50)

III. Mini Lessons

  1. Learning to be Free of Legislative Powers ($4.97)  In this mini lesson you will learn how all State licensing, revenue raising and taxation statutes are written to apply within federal territory, and what that means to you if you find yourself falsely accused of being a subject thereof.  Learn the first thing that you should do if you find yourself before a judge or prosecutor. 



  • Enroll in Organic Laws Institute as an Annual Subscriber for $100/yr., giving you access to over 700 posts and the entry level for the course. Enroll here:
  • Enroll as Student in Ed’s Basic Course in Law and Government for $650, no expiration date. Read the description and benefits Click Here
  • Or enroll directly here:

If you are concerned about every day type of legal issues (not connected to government) and need access to a full service law firm for business, family or personal issues (pertaining to statutory/written law), click on this link > Read about Ed’s special offer to include 1 yr. OLI subscription or deduct $100 off the Basic Student Course, for those who enroll in a $20/mo. legal plan. Be sure to do your homework on what they do and don’t cover. This service is not connected to OLI, but we can recommend it because the provider firms in each state are chosen for their reputation for distinctive service.

THIRD PARTY SERVICES: Please read third party services disclaimer here.

  • Legal Assistance: Now you can have 24/7  legal assistance from bar licensed law firms, specializing in all types of law, in any state you travel in.   Click here to view details!
  • Paralegal Assistance: For those who don’t wish to use bar licensed attorneys, Preferred Services offers ‘sensible legal alternatives’, in addition to the typical traditional statutory law and legalese offered by BAR members.  Click here for more information!

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